Salamu Alaykum,

We are very excited to join the Al-Iman school family. This is the first year for both of us, and we are confident that it will be a great and rewarding year. We look forward to watching your children learn and grow with many fun, new, and exciting things throughout the school year.

Al-Iman School Mission Statement

Al-Iman School shall provide an Islamic environment that offers quality education and leadership skills to develop global awareness and 21st Century skills.

Al-Iman School Vision Statement

In order to achieve its mission Al-Iman School shall:

-Provide an Islamic and professional learning environment by integrating Islamic Teaching into the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

-Foster Islamic Character by implementing a Character Education Curriculum in partnership with all stakeholders (school board, staff and faculty, parents, and students)

-Maintain its status of a recognized private school as outlined within the General Statues of the State of North Carolina.