Brief History of Al-Iman School

Al-Iman School was founded as a community school in 1992 by a group of dedicated individuals. The mission of the school was to provide education to children in an Islamic environment. The initial enrollment of nine students was the beginning of a new era for Al-Iman. The first principal of the school was Br. Nasser Isleem, and the first Al-Iman School Committee Chairperson was Br. Sami Abdel Baky.

As the community grew, each year the enrollment of students started to grow and a grade level was added to meet the academic needs of the students.

In 1996, Sr.Mona Fain, a very dedicated educator, became the third principal of the school; she provided structure to the school by following the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and by implementing Wake County School Policies as a guideline for Al-Iman School. In addition Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quran became an integral part of the curriculum.

Many committed ASC members, principals, teachers, parents, and volunteers have spent countless days and nights, to serve their community school; their selfless and untiring effort has helped Al-Iman School flourish over the years. By the grace and blessing of Allah, Al-Iman school was accredited by SACS in 2004-2005 academic year. Today Al-Iman School Team comprises of two hundred and twenty students, seventeen teachers, six elementary teacher assistants, librarian, two support staff, three administrative, and eight ASC members.

The Al-Iman School Team is striving hard to maintain the school’s mission statement, which is as follows:

Al-Iman School shall be guided by the Qur’an and Sunnah according to the methodology of the People of Sunnah and Jama’ah.

Al-Iman School shall, through the teaching of Islamic and scholastic courses, prepare students to:

Achieve excellence in education and a strong Muslim identity.

Meet or exceed the goals of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the National Educational Goals.

Exhibit high morals and exemplary citizenship

Insha’Allah the legacy of offering academic excellence and exemplary citizenship to our students at Al-Iman School will continue for generations to come!

Sr. Jabeen

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