Snack, Lunch, and Cafeteria Information 1
Parents/Guardians are required to supply a lunch box or bag with the child’s full name clearly marked on it. It is the family’s responsibility to provide an ample, nutritious snack (for the mid-morning break), lunch, and beverage(s) for the child. The school cannot provide refrigeration, heating or cooking facilities. A plastic thermos may be helpful. For the safety of the students, please do not use glass containers.

The cafeteria is operated by IAR ( Islamic Assoc. of Raleigh.) Parents are required to check with the Cafeteria for membership information in order to buy lunch for their children.
Lunchtime in the cafeteria is the time where students have the opportunity to visit their friends and socialize. We will maintain a warm, friendly atmosphere in the cafeteria and all dining areas. Parents are invited to have lunch with their children as often as possible. As with all other areas of Al-Iman school, proper student behavior will be expected and maintained.

All students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves by throwing away trash and garbage in the designated area. All students are required to sit in the assigned areas only.

Fasting at Al-Iman School
Older students are encouraged to fast. Fasting is made easier in that lunch is not consumed in-group settings during the Blessed Month of Ramadan. However students who are unable to fast due to medical and personal reasons are provided with an area in which to eat. Staff members may not coerce students to fast. Coercion includes shaming, taking / withholding food and other similar tactics.

Please do not ask any staff member to force your child to fast. We do use positive reinforcement and modeling or setting examples.

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