The School Library will be open to all students and staff on Monday – Thursday from 9:00am to 3:00 pm, and Friday morning before Salatul-Dhur and again after salah.

The library will be closed during the time of salah. Each class will have a selected time chosen by the teacher to attend the library. There is a variety of Accelerated Reader Books, Islamic Books, Science Fiction, Biographies and many more choices for the students to check out.

Books are checked for a period of two weeks, with a limit a four books total per student. Students have the option to renew books if they have not finished reading the items. If books are turned late to the library, there will be a late fee charge of .25 cents per week with a prorated amount per day.

Books that are marked as lost or damaged beyond repair must be paid for at cost price, or replaced of the same book. The Librarian will send out a list of fines/dues to be paid at the end of the second quarter and at the end of the year, fines/dues must be paid in full before the report cards are released. This includes the last report card and EOG results for the end of the year.

The Library rules are as follows :
1. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the library at any time
2. Maintain a proper library voice at all times
3. A limit of 4 books at a time can be borrowed
4. Respect must be shown at all times
5. No student is to be alone in the library , s/he must be accompanied by a Teacher or Teacher Assistant.

Al-Iman students and faculty are expected to follow all the above mentioned rules and library procedures.

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