Al-Iman School is a fully accredited school with classes starting in Pre-K 3 and completing in 8th grade. Al-Iman maintains Common Core Standards and a very high level quality education for all our students. Our facilities feature full size gym, playground, cafeteria, science room, computer labs, presentation spaces, classrooms, and much more.


To learn more about visiting Al-Iman School for a guided tour, please contact Al-Iman School @ Phone: 919-821-1699 ext.404

The Al-Iman School Team is striving hard to maintain the school’s mission statement, which is as follows:

  • Al-Iman School shall be guided by the Qur’an and Sunnah according to the methodology of the People of Sunnah and Jama’ah.
  • Al-Iman School shall, through the teaching of Islamic and scholastic courses, prepare students to:
  • Achieve excellence in education and a strong Muslim identity.
  • Meet or exceed the goals of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the National Educational Goals.
  • Exhibit high morals and exemplary citizenship

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