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Month: September 2016

Read Like a Pirate…

Read Like a Pirate…

…And SAIL through some books!! I have a question…

Question: How much did the pirate pay for a bushel of corn?

Answer: A Bookaneer!


This week is BOOK FAIR WEEK, with a special

FAMILY NIGHT Thursday, September 29th from 4-6:30!

I have another great story…

A pirate and a sailor were exchanging stories. The sailor pointed to the pirate’s peg leg and asked, “How did you get that?”

The pirate said, “Aye, I wrestled a shark and lost me leg.”

The sailor pointed to the pirate’s hook and asked, “How did you get that?”

The pirate said: “Aye, I fought Red Beard’s crew and lost me hand.”

The sailor pointed to the pirate’s eye patch and asked, “How did you get that?”

The pirate said, “Aye, a bird came by and left droppings in me eye.”

The sailor said, “That’s not as impressive as the other two. …”

“Aye,” the pirate answered. “It was me first day with the hook!”


And a few more…..

Ahmed: What’s the difference between a pirate and a cranberry farmer?
Muhsin: I don’t know. What?
Ahmed: A pirate buries his treasure, but a cranberry farmer treasures his berries!

Hajar: Why couldn’t the pirate crew play cards?
Jamila: Beats me.
Hajar: Because the captain was standing on the deck!

A book never written: “Pirate’s Gold” by Barry D. Treasure.

How I Became a Pirate Read Aloud

And So We Begin…

And So We Begin…


I hope everyone had w wonderful Eid! I also hope everyone is ready to get into routine and learn lots! This week we have interims going out (yes already), and Al-Iman’s Open House is scheduled for Saturday September 24th! Middle School OH will be helopenhouse-balloonsd in the morning, so please stay tuned for details.

Up until this point, in 6th ELA we’ve been doing a lot of “getting ready to learn” work.  We’ve learned how to work in our Interactive Notebooks, we’ve reviewed Hard and Fast Rules for Writing, and we’ve also completed preliminary assessments like MAP and the Reading Survey. This week we’ll start in on the first full routine week. You can see what we’re doing on the page “This Week…” Use the resources to practice vocabulary and to reread the selection.  Everything we’re doing for the week is outlined there.

Time is flying and we’re having fun! I hope to see lots of parents at Open House!

Welcome to 6th Grade ELA!

Welcome to 6th Grade ELA!

As-Salaamu Alaikum!

Welcome to another great school year! I would like to take this opportunity to express my excitement for this year’s 6th Grade students. InshaAllah, this year will be packed with lots of reading, writing, grammar, projects, and student publishing. We will also have lots of extracurricular challenges for students that want to go above and beyond daily class work.
If you need to reach me, you can in several ways:
By email (the best way) – You can email me at
Remind- I will be using the Remind App which will allow me to send important reminders to parents via text. You may reach me via this method as well.
By note- just send a note in with your child to school
Insha’Allah as we all work together, parent, student and teacher, we will have a successful year!