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Month: March 2017

Last Quarter of the Year!

Last Quarter of the Year!


4th Quarter Prep!

We’re almost there! 6th grade ELA is doing great! Staying focused and working hard will ensure successful results at the end of the year.

We still have ISF Presentations (March 27-31),  Family Fun Night (March 29),  Spirit Week (April 3-7), Spring Break (April 10-14), MAP Testing (May 8-12) and EOC Tests (May 17-22)!

This quarter may be challenging with changes to the class routine, but both classes will continue have complete access to resources on this website, in class, and through Google Classroom.

Below is a breakdown of the remaining units of study for 6th grade ELA>>>

6th ELA 4th Quarter

March 20 – 24 Unit: 5 Expressing Yourself

Poetry Unit

Introduction to Poetry

  • Poetry vs Prose
  • Figurative Language
  • Similes and Metaphors
  • Hyperboles & Personification
March 27 – 31 Unit: 5 Expressing Yourself

Poetry Unit

Writing Poetry

  • Rhymes & Rhyme Schemes
  • Annotate Sound & Rhyme
  • Structure in Poetry
  • Rhythm & Types of Rhythm

ISF Presentations

April 3 – 7 Unit: 6 Encountering Nature

Poetry Unit

Types of Poetry

  • Limericks
  • Odes
  • Haikus
  • Free Verse
April 17 – 21 Unit: 6 Encountering Nature

Poetry Unit

Types of Poetry

  • Sonnets
  • Ballads
  • Elegy
  • Narrative Poetry
  • Lyric

Poetry Review

April 24 – May 28 Unit: 7 Discovering Other Worlds

Drama Unit

Introduction to Drama

  • Dramatic Forms & Elements of Drama
  • In the Fog (A Screenplay)
  • The Fairies’ Lullaby (Play Excerpt)
May 1 – May 5 Unit: 7 Acting Out!

  • Do You Think I’m Crabby? (A Play)
  • The Phantom Tollbooth, Act I
  • The Phantom Tollbooth, Act II
May 8 – May 12 EOC Review EOC Review
May 15 – May 19 EOC Week EOC Review and Test
May 22 – May 26 Unit 8: Folk Literature Introduction to Folk Literature

  • Myths & Legends
  • Folk Tales & Fairy Tales
  • Fables & Proverbs
May 29 – Jun 2 Early Release Activities EARLY RELEASE DAYS


Spring is Here! Almost…..

Spring is Here! Almost…..


It’s Almost Spring! and it’s almost ISF Presentation Time!  We have completed 3/4 of the year and it’s been great! Before you know it it’ll be Summer!


  • ISF presentations will be held March 27th – March 30th.

calvin-hobbes springThe Research Writing Essay Unit was long and challenging but I am proud of all the students that did their best and worked hard.

  • Quarter 4 will be dedicated to POETRY, DRAMA, and LANGUAGE.
  • Weekly Work will be located on the “This Week – Qtr 4 Tab
  • SPRING BREAK will be April 10 – 14
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