Class Info

Class Info

You’ll find here some policies and procedures for Middle School:


Students should come to class with their binder and pencil pouch. It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared so they may be successful during class time.

Making-Up Work

In the event of an absence, students will receive any work they may have missed upon their return to class and will have the number of days absent to turn in their missing work. For example, if a student is absent on Tuesday, s/he will receive their missing work on Wednesday and be expected to turn everything in by Thursday. If students are absent for multiple days, such as a Tuesday and a Wednesday, they will be expected to turn in their missing work by Friday.

Students are also expected to make-up quizzes and tests on the day they return to school, unless they were absent for multiple days.

Homework Guidelines

All homework has a purpose and will be related to what we are doing in class.  It should take around 20 – 40 minutes to complete.  I may assign homework on a daily basis. Homework will be due the following day. There will be a 10 pt. penalty for every day that a homework assignment has NOT been turned in.




Students feel more comfortable and are able to focus better on class work when routines have been clearly explained and there is no confusion on how to perform various activities.  We will have many school procedures to become familiar with. The ones listed below will help us to start the first week successfully.

Morning Procedures

  • If you arrive before 7:50, go straight to the lobby of the 3rd floor to wait to go into your homeroom class.
  • Be in line at 7:50 to hear the daily announcements and morning dua’a.
  • Classes start promptly at 8:00.
  • Turn in any homework from the night before in the homework bin.
  • Students will have the first 5-7 minutes of class to work on the Bell Ringer for the day.

Lunch Procedures

  • Students will line up at their designated spots and taken down by the teacher on lunch duty. They must wait for that teacher before going down.

Wudu Procedures

  • At the Wudu station, wait for your turn quietly.
  • Make your intention and then Wudu without playing.
  • After making Wudu, walk quietly into the Mussullah (Prayer area).

Salat Procedures

  • When entering the Mussullah, find your seat quickly and quietly, and make your Sunnah Prayers.
  • After the Athan is called stand and make Sunnah prayers.
  • After prayer, line up and return to class quietly.

There is NO TALKING before, during, or after Salat.  If a student is having difficulty following Salat procedures, parents will be contacted.

End of Day Procedures

  • All students are to report to the 1st floor of the building.