This Week (Qtr 2)…

This Week (Qtr 2)…

1/2 – 1/6

This week we will continue conducting in-class Spelling Bees and begin working on Integrated Subject Fair

K-W-L Chart (Can type on it and print it out)

Research and Report Writing Packet – A helpful resource

new-years-resolutions1Monday: WINTER BREAK- LAST DAY!

Tuesday: In-Class Spelling Bee- Round 2

Wednesday: In-class Spelling Bee – Round 3

Thursday: Integrated Subject Fair Planning

Friday: Begin Research on Topics

Homework: Mon- Bring in Book Log; Tues- Complete New Year’s Resolution Writing; Wed- Complete K-W-L Chart on ISF Topic ; Thurs- Complete Outline of research for ISF


12/12 – 12/16

This week we will enjoy enrichment through in-school field trips and assemblies.

Monday: Film Critique “Radio”

Tuesday: Film Critique “Radio”

Wednesday: Film Critique “Radio”




12/5 – 12/9

This week we will complete a Unit 2 review and have a Unit 2 Test.

Audio and More


Monday: Unit 2 Review (see study guide above)

Tuesday: Unit 2 Review  (see study guide above)

Wednesday: Unit 2 Test

Thursday: In class Spelling Bee

Friday: Guidance Lesson (with Sis. Andrea)


11/28 – 12/2

This week we will read “President Cleveland, Where Are You?”, by Robert Cormier, “Dragon, Dragon”, by John Gardner, and “the King of Mazy May,” by Jack London.

President Cleveland, Where Are You? – readingdragon-dragon

Dragon, Dragon – reading

Dragon, Dragon – video overview

The King of Mazy May – reading

Audio and More – unit 2

Monday: Vocabulary, Read “President Cleveland, Where Are You”

Tuesday: Complete Group Discussion Questions for President Cleveland Vocabulary, Read “Dragon, Dragon”, by John Gardnerpcleveland
 Set Purpose, Read “Dragon, Dragon”, by John Gardner

Thursday: Vocabulary, The King of Mazy May, by Jack London

Friday: Art Connection – Dragon, Dragon ; Skills Navigator

Homework: Mon- Complete Volcano Paper; Tues- Describe and Critique Fiction- Dragon, Dragon; Wed- Skills Navigator ; Thurs- Describe and Critique Fiction- The King of Mazy Maythe-king-of-mazy-may


11/28 – 12/2

This week we will read Dog of Pompeii, by Louis Untermeyer.

Audio and More

Dog of Pompeii reading

Monday: Build Background and Read “Dog of Pompeii” by

Tuesday: Vocabulary review; Analyze Literature- Historical Fiction;

Wednesday: Read Pompeii – a historical narrative; Begin art connection- mosaic art

Thursday: Lesson Quiz – continue with mosaic art

Friday: Scavenger Hunt – Who was President Cleveland?; Skills Navigator

Homework: Advancing Skills- Write a one page research paper on Volcanoes – See worksheet


11/21 – 11/25

This week we will read Zlateh the Goat, by Issac Beshevis Singer.zlateh

Zlateh the Goat

Audio and More

Short Film 

Monday: Research & Writing- Understanding the Digital World – Tech partner project

Tuesday: Summarizing Fiction

Wednesday: Reading- Types of Character Lesson and practice

Thursday: Holiday

Friday: Holiday

Homework: Mon – Build Background & answer questions on separate piece of paper; Tues- Read Zlateh the Goat & complete vocabulary.


11/14- 11/18kaw_nation_emblem_2_0

This week we will read “Ta-Na-E-Ka”, by Mary Whitebird, then “Becky and the Wheels-and-Brake” Boys by James Berry, and finally “The Southpaw” by Judith Viorst.

Ta-Na-E-Ka Reading

Becky and the Wheels-and-Brake Boys


Audio and More becky

Monday : Read Ta-Na-E-Ka, by Mary Whitebird, Vocab

Tuesday: Ta-Na-E-Ka Survival Project

Wednesday: Read “Becky and the Wheels-and-Brake” Boys by James Berry, and “The Southpaw” by Judith Viorst.  Compare Literature – Becky and Southpaw

Thursday: Lesson Quiz – Ta-Na-E-Ka

Friday: Understanding Theme

southpHomework: Reading Log; Homework this week will be to complete classwork.




11/7 – 11/11bracelet

This week we will read ” The Bracelet”, by Yoshiko Uchida.

The resources below will help with the selections.

The Bracelet Reading

Japanese – American Relocation Video

Audio and More

Monday : Tech Practice – Becoming familiar with Google Classroom and Padlet

Tuesday:  The Bracelet – Reading 

Wednesday: PEP RALLY!

Thursday: Reading – Characterization, Characterization Practice; Lesson Quiz

Friday: Writer’s Workshop

Homework: Reading Log; Grammar Practice; Skills Navigator (online Access)


10/31 – 11/4

This week we’re beginning Unit 2 – Meeting Challenges in our Mirrors and Windows text. We will read ” Tuesday of the Other June”, by Norma Fox Mazer.

The resources below will help with the selections.

Audio and More

tuesday-of-the-other-june – printable story

Monday : Tuesday of the Other June”, by Norma Fox Mazer, Story Vocabulary, A Look at Idioms

Tuesday:  Navigating Skills Navigator – Demo in the Library

Wednesday: Reading – Character Traits, Character Traits Practice

Thursday: Reading – Characterization, Characterization Practice; Lesson Quiz

Friday: Writer’s Workshop

Homework: Reading Log; Article of the Week; Skills Navigator (online Access)