2016-2017 Reflection

Assalamu Alaikum

Mubarak we made it Alhamdu llellah. I hope you enjoy your summer. we had great successful year.Thank you students for working hard this year.Each student showed growth in diagnostic test .Most of the students met the objective of this year some students needs improvement.to maintain the the skills the students achieved please visit the resources below.

My Arabic Website –  http://myarabicwebsite.com/

* Jcc- الجزيرة للأطفال - http://www.jcctv.net/

* َQuizlet - http://quizlet.com/subject/arabic/

* Kids.Jo - http://kids.jo/main/

* Free Lessons - http://free.lessons.l-ceps.com/learn-arabic-free-lesson-1.html

* My Languages - http://mylanguages.org/

* Chlidrens library - http://en.childrenslibrary.org/

* Madinah Arabic - http://www.madinaharabic.com/

Food, Kitchen, Restaurant http://www.internetpolyglot.com/arabic/lesson-2101201120

Salam Arabic - http://www.salaamarabic.com/course/1/en

* Yemen links- http://www.yemenlinks.com/

Arabic for beginners https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL65A12BF53CCA323E