About Me

I graduated from Winston-Salem State University with a B.A. in Psychology. Throughout my time in college I became rather intrigued with the anatomy of the human mind and how much it affects our daily behaviors. Upon graduating I received two job offers, either working as refurbish technician for Lenovo or teaching positive psycho-social skills in Forsyth County Schools. I choose both and needless to say after months of juggling both occupations, I fell in love with the art of working with students achieve their positive outlook on self. I continued my education and in 2016 I graduated from North Carolina State University Master’s Program of School Counseling. During the time of continuing my education, I worked in Durham Public School.

This year I am serving all grades at Al-Iman and couldn’t be more elated. Throughout my time, I intend to provide individual, large group, and small group counseling for students, staff, and parents. As well as assist in enforcing positive behavior within our merit and demerit system, implementing support to our staff, and supply resources for families. My ultimate goal is to foster support to anyone needing a helping hand within the realm of the Al-Iman Mission Statement, InshaAllah.

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