Washington DC


This Friday the Middle School will be going on their annual trip to Washington DC. Parents are requested to attend the information session that will take place on Monday, April 23 at 3:45 to discuss all details of the trip. Please plan to attend. Click the attachments below for detailed itinerary.

DC Information Session 2017

Welcome Back!



I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Spring Break! This Friday interims for the 4th quarter will be sent home. Please review with your child.

Spirit Week!


spirit week

This week will be Spirit Week! Students may dress up in the following themes:

Monday- Book Character Day (No villains)

Tuesday- Dress up for school pictures

Wednesday- Wacky Tacky Day

Thursday- Pajama OR Sports Day

Friday- Hat Day


Upcoming Tests



7th and 8th grade will be taking tests this  Friday 0n the units we were studying. Students are encouraged to study by reviewing study guides and playing review games that will be posted this week. 7th graders will be tested on Poetry and 8th grade will have a test on “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Report Cards


Report Cards will be sent home this Friday. Please review your child’s report card and schedule a conference with your child’s teacher, if needed.

ISF Presentation

Slides on Notebook


All students should have their presentation slides completed for ISF this week. Slides should have all important information and translation in Arabic.

Community Service

community service


8th graders will be going to Durham Rescue Mission on Monday, February 27th. Students should have signed permission slips to be able to attend the trip.

Poetry and Art Competition


poetry and art

Students are required to participate in the Poetry and Art competition. The guidelines are below. Submissions are due Monday and will be counted as a quiz grade.

THEME: The importance of promoting diversity, peace, and unity in today’s world.

 Poetry and Art Competition Entry Rules:

  1. One entry per student
  2. It must be student’s original work
  3. Author’s name and grade level should be at the back of the paper
  4. Spelling and Neatness count
  5. Work should reflect the theme
  6. Student should keep a copy before submitting, original entry will NOT be returned

ISF Essays


This week will be dedicated to working on our essays for ISF. Please bring all the research you have done so far in your other classes.