The summer is a wonderful time to relax and spend quality time with your family and friends. This summer will be even more special since we will be able to gain the benefits of the blessed month of Ramadan. Remember to make lots of dua for yourself, your family, your school, and your teachers :)

We have worked very hard the entire year and the summer is a good time to also maintain the skills we have learned.

Remember the VERY BEST way to maintain your ELA skills is to READ READ READ!!! You should still continue to read 2-3 novels per month! Also take some time to read informational text, even if you grab a magazine and read about current events- that’s still reading! :)

This summer you will have a Required Summer Reading Assignment. Click here to see the assignment requirements. This assignment will be due within 1-2 weeks after school begins and will count as one of your grades for the first quarter. 


Below are some resources you can use to practice the skills we have worked on all year!

Helpful Websites

  •        Great website for reviewing grammar skills.
  •          Vocabulary Practice


Have a wonderful Summer! I can’t wait to see everyone August 21st! :)