Al-Iman School Discipline Policy

Al-Iman School Discipline Policy

It is the responsibility of every student and parent to read and be aware of Al-Iman School’s discipline policy. This policy serves as the first step to ensuring that all middle school are aware of the policy for inappropriate behavior.

Not knowing the rules and regulations specified in this policy will not be considered a valid excuse for violations. It is the responsibility of all students and parents to familiarize themselves with the school`s policies and procedures.

The purpose of the discipline policy is to ensure a safe, positive, learning environment in the school for all students. For this reason, the aim of disciplinary measures is to correct the students and help them learn from their mistakes except in cases where the behavior is so severe that it puts the safety or integrity of the school in jeopardy.

Consequences for Inappropriate and Unacceptable Behavior
Al-Iman school staff will notify parents promptly when their child engages in unacceptable or inappropriate behavior. This will be done via telephone calls, Minor and Major Offense reports, and other means, which will ensure prompt communication.
Disciplinary actions may include not being eligible for A and B honor roll, academic recognition, elected student positions, loss of privileges, OTB, lunch detention, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, or expulsion.

NOTE: Al-Iman School prohibits the use of corporal punishment. No school personnel, substitute teacher, or volunteer may use corporal punishment to discipline any student. Corporal punishment is all forms of physical punishment including, but not limited to, spanking, paddling, shoving, pulling hair, pinching or slapping. Al-Iman School personnel may use reasonable force to control behavior or to remove a person from the scene in situations where necessary.

Level 1 infractions can be handled by any staff members regardless of assigned grade or position. Ordinarily, staff members authorized to engage in Level 1 behavior as they see fit. Upon giving a demerit staff member will inform student and ask them to sign the infraction form.
Students are given the option to appeal a demerit if they have reasons to do so.

*Student may receive a first time warning for level 1 infraction if staff member deems it beneficial to correct the behavior.

Level 1 Infractions
 Disruptive Behavior.
 Not prepared for class.
 Tardiness between classes.
 Violating classroom rules.
 Chewing gum.
 Littering.
 Using the elevator without permission.
 Out of classroom/Hallway Behavior/Masjid Behavior
 Engaging in minor verbal and/or written altercation, insulting, taunting, or challenging another student.
 Using, displaying, or possessing any electronic devices without approval from teacher.
 Using the elevator without permission.
 Out of classroom/Hallway Behavior/Masjid Behavior
 Engaging in minor verbal and/or written altercation, insulting, taunting, or challenging another student.
 Using, displaying, or possessing any electronic devices without approval from teachers/Administration on school premises:
a) First infraction: Violation will result in confiscation of the electronic device, and
parent will be required to pick it up from Front Office.
b) Second warning will result in confiscation of the electronic device and the
student will not be permitted to bring the device to school for the rest of
the school year. The parents will be notified immediately.

 Other level 1 Infractions:

Number of Demerits: Action:
 1 Demerit = 1 Day of Lunch Detention: 1st Phone Call Home/ or email
 2 Demerit= 1 Day of Lunch Detention: 1st Parent conference
 3 Demerit= 2 Days of Lunch Detention: 2nd Phone Call Home/ or email
 4 Demerit= After School Orientation: 2nd Parent/Student Conference
 5 Demerit= 3rd Parent/ Student conference to discuss Behavior Contract
 6 Demerit= In Team Suspension and probation for one quarter
Accumulating more than 6 demerits per quarter will result in office referral for a Level 2Infraction. Failure to meet Behavior Contract requirements will result in the prohibition from participating in the end of year activities (up to the middle school team’s discretion).
8th Grade students who reach 15 demerits or more will result in the prohibition from participating in the end of year fieldtrip.


A student charged with a Level 2 infraction shall be subject to the disciplinary actions listed below.

1. Immediately, all necessary information and circumstances will be examined. Parents or guardian will be contacted and made aware of the apparent infraction.
2. A parent/teachers conference will be arranged and consequences for the infraction will be determined.

This list of violation is notall inclusive, but only representative and illustrative. A student committing an improper act ofmisconduct that does not happen to be specifically listed is still subject to disciplinary action.

INFRACTIONS II DEFINITION 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
2.1. Academicmisconduct Plagiarizing, cheating, copyinganother’s work, attempting togain or gaining unauthorizedaccess to material, usingsubmitting, or providing data oranswers dishonestly, by deceit, or by means other than thoseauthorized by the teacher. Warning/Behaviorcontract, Zero/nore-test, and parentconference 1-2 days inschoolsuspension 2-3 days outof schoolsuspension
2.2. Inappropriatelanguage Using any form of cursing, nomatterwhat language in whichit is spoken in, including handor bodily gestures, includingimplied inappropriate language. Detention, or 1 day suspension, andparent conference 1-2 days inschool suspension 2-3 days outof schoolsuspension
2.3. Lying Giving or providing intentionallyuntrue or misleadinginformation or communication Detention, or 1 daysuspension, andparent conference 1-2 days inschoolsuspension 2-3 days outof schoolsuspension
2.4. Damage ordestruction ofproperty Causing, attempting to cause,or threatening to causedamage to school or privateproperty causing minor damageor defacing school or privateproperty Under $50Restitution, 2days in schoolsuspension, Restitution, 2-3days out ofschoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion Restitution
3-5 daysexpulsion.
2.5. Misuse ofequipment/
(Zero tolerance) Students using school onlineservices for illegal,inappropriate, or obscenepurposes Loosing computer privilegedepending onseverity ofinfraction andparent meeting 1 week of outof schoolsuspension Expulsionupon
ASC review
2.6. Misuse ofcell phones:(permissionslippolicy) Must beturned into thefront officebeforegoing toclass. Students may not use cellphones in the school building at
any time. Warning/confiscation
Demerit, contractfor additionalinfraction Device will beconfiscated tothe end of theyear. 1-3 dayout ofschoolsuspension.Device willBe
Confiscatedto the endof the year.
Insubordinations Refusing to comply, eitherverbally or non verbally with areasonable request or directive MGS (Mandatory Guided Study: IDay in School
Suspension 1-2 days in-schoolsuspensionand behaviorcontract 2-3 days outof schoolsuspension
2.8. Loitering &
Trespassing Being present in or about aschool or under one or more ofthe following circumstances:
1. After a reasonablerequest to leave.
2. Being in the schoolbuilding or on schoolgrounds withoutpermission orauthorization, orrefusing to comply witha request to leaveschool premises 2 Days Lunch
Detention 1-2 days in-schoolsuspensionand behaviorcontract 1-2 days inschool
suspension/out of schoolSuspensionif infraction isexcessive
2.9. Skipping
Classes &
Truancy Being out of area withoutpermission Being absent fromschool without authorization,failure to follow properattendance check-in, check -out and absence procedures Week lunchdetention/Behavior contract 1-2 days inschoolsuspension 2-3 out ofschoolsuspension
2.12. Fighting Engaging in verbal, hitting,punching, or any other kind ofphysical altercation, whetherinitiating or retaliating. 1-2 days in schoolsuspension. 3-5 days out ofschoolsuspension Expulsion
ASC review
2.13. Bullying Engaging in verbal, written,physical, emotional and/orthreatening acts of bullying 1-2 days in schoolsuspension,written warning,parent meetingand action plan 3-5 days out ofschoolsuspension Expulsionupon
ASC review
2.14. Electronicaccess
(SocialContract needs
to be signed byparent andstudent) Using without authorizationelectronic passwords, codes forany reason, including but notlimited to accessing,controlling, or disablingtechnological devices orservices 1 day in schoolsuspension,conference withAdministration andparent will beasked to pickupdevice. 1-2 days outof schoolsuspension,device will beconfiscateduntil the end ofthe schoolyear. 2-3 days outof schoolsuspension,device will be confiscateduntil the endof the schoolyear, possibleexpulsiondepending onseverity of infraction(upon ASCReview)
2.15. Uniform
Violation Violating school uniform dresscode will result in confiscationof clothing item(s) and theappropriate uniform item(s) willbe provided and parent(s) willbe billed accordingly. Parents notified byphone, demerit,Uniform lognotice, and formfilled out byparents. 1 day in schoolsuspension. 2-3 days outof schoolSuspension.
2.16. Use of
Elevator Using the elevator withoutprior permission from the officeduring school hours unlessaccompanied by staff member. Verbal warninganddemerit 2 days lunchdetention 1 day in
Suspension,additionalviolations maycauseexpulsion(upon ASCReview)

Note: Any student charged with a subsequent level 2 infractions can be referred to the administration for expulsion.

Al-Iman School considers all three level infractions to be very detrimental to the school and its students. A student charged with a Level 3 violation may be subject to an immediate open suspension of up to 14 days and a recommendation for expulsion to the school board and/or legal action. Students expelled from Al-Iman School due to level three infraction may not be reinstated at a later date. The proper authorities will be notified in the event that a student commits any illegal act. Parent(s) or guardian(s) will be required to meet with school personnel and the proper authorities. This list of violations is not all inclusive, but only representative and illustrative. A student committing an improper act of misconduct, which does not happen to be specifically listed is still subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.

INFRACTIONS III DEFINITION 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
3.17. Alteringofficial documents Forging, falsifying, orunauthorizedalteration of adocument 2-3 days out ofschoolsuspension 3-5 days out ofschoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion. ExpulsionUpon ASCreview
3.18. Intimidation orMenacingincitement Threatening another,either verbally ornonverbally, byinflicting fear ordamage to property,instigating, orencouraging acts of misconduct 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A
3.19. Arson Utilizing unauthorized fire,smoke, orexplosives, whichpresent a risk ofdanger to life orproperty 3- 14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion,BPD notified N/A N/A
Assault/Felonious Striking with aweapon with theintent to inflict, orinflicting bodily harm 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion,BPD notified N/A N/A
3.21. Bomb Threatsor False Alarms Making a knowinglyfalse statementregarding thepossession orlocation of explosiveor incendiarymaterials, activatingthe fire alarm system,or making false “911”calls. 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion,BPD notified N/A N/A
3.22. Breaking and
Entering Breaking into and/orentering any schoolbuilding, facility,office rooms, storagespace, or otherenclosure withoutauthority to do so 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion,BPD notified N/A N/A
3.24. Vandalism Destroying,damaging, or defacing school orprivate property in awillful or maliciousmanner 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion. N/A N/A
3.25. Offensive
Material. Student lockers areschool property,inspection ofstudent lockers ispossible at anytime. Producing,possessing, ordistributing materialsthat offend commondecency or morals inthe schoolcommunity 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion
3.26. Reckless
Endangerment Acting in a willfulmanner, andalthough notintending to causeharm, places othersin jeopardy of injury,or results in thedamagedestruction,or defacement ofschool or privateproperty 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion
3.27. Extortion bythreat,intimidation,or coercion Obtaining money,information, orproperty from anotherstudent 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A
3.28. Gambling Participating in or theorganizinggames ofchance to gainmoney or other items 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A
3.29. Legal butdangeroussubstances Using, selling,purchasing, distributing,possessing orattempting to possess,substances capable ofproducing a change inbehavior or altering a state of mind or feeling,and paraphernalia 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A
3.30. Sales, use,possession, ordistribution ofalcohol, drugs,tobacco products orother chemicalcontrol substances Using, selling,purchasing,distributing,possessing orattempting topossess, moodaltering chemicals, orsubstances(includingcounterfeit or lookalike substances)distributing anynarcotics, drugscontrolledsubstances of anykind, or alcoholicbeverages, or otherintoxicant on schoolproperty or at schoolfunctions or events 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A
3.31. Theft Stealing, attemptingto steal, possessingor transferring schoolor private property orparticipating in thetheft or attemptedtheft of school orprivate property.Restitutionrequirements,severity of infractionwill be taken intoconsideration. 1-5 days out ofschoolsuspension forattempting tosteal andpossessing ortransferringschool orprivateproperty5-14 days outof schoolsuspension forstealing, willbe subject toseverityrecommendedfor expulsion, Behaviorcontract anddocumentationof counselingrequired. N/A N/A
3.32. Possession orconcealment ofweapon ordangerousinstrument Using, possessing,attempting topossess, brandishingor concealing anyweapon, dangerousinstrument, device,materials, look alike,replicas, or any otheritem deemed to bedangerous. Thedefinition of a knifeincludes, but is notlimited to, acuttinginstrument consistingof a sharp bladefastened to a handle. 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A
3.33. Obscenities,
Verbal abuse,vulgarity towardsschool, schoolpersonnel or ingeneral
Directing Directing obscene,abusive, vulgar,profane harassing,insulting, racial,sexual, religious orethnic slurs,writtenor verbal, toward school personnel orany adult member ofthe schoolcommunity. This shallinclude use ofobscene gesturesand sign that willfullyintimidate, insult, orin any other manner,abuse others 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A
3.34.GenderfraternizationPromiscuousbehavior Committing acts thatare sexual In natureand fall outside theIslamic teaching onthis matter, relationsboth inside theschool and outside.Relations betweenthe sexes dating,meeting in private,during schoolhours/schoolsponsored activities. 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A
3.35. Abusive Useof Electronic and MEDIA/Cyberbullying
Student andparents will sign asocial mediacontract Use of a cell phone inan inappropriatemanner. Cheatingthrough instantphotography, instantmessaging or othermeans. Recording anindividual withoutconsent or use ofdevice in any otherdeviant manner 3-14 days outof schoolsuspension,recommendedfor expulsion N/A N/A

Lunch Detentions (LD) are given for level 1 infractions, and some minor level 2 infractions. It will beserved the following day and the student will be required to bring bagged lunch. For every fivedetentions received, parents will come in for a conference. Recommendation for behavior intervention will be considered along with possible in school suspension.

In-School suspensions (ISS) are held during the school day from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Teachers are responsible for securing assignments for the student the day before the ISS andwill receive credit for the work completed during the ISS. ISS days do not count as studentabsences. Each student will start a clean slate each year, however, Level 2 and Level 3infractions will be cumulative during Middle School, and will be taken into consideration forfuture long-term suspensions and expulsion.

A student may receive an out-of-school suspension for committing an offense or other severedisruption of the education process. For the duration of the out-of-school suspension, a studentis excluded with parent knowledge and is not allowed to attend classes, extracurricularactivities, school functions, or be on the school premises. The number of suspended days isequal to the number of days allowed to make up class work and homework missed. During thefirst suspension students will be allowed to make arrangements with the teacher to make uptest/quizzes. If a student is suspended for 6 or more days in a school year, parents will benotified to meet with the Principal, Teachers, and the student present. “Discipline Plan” will beimplemented at that point for the remainder of the school year. If the “Discipline Plan” is notfollowed through, this will begrounds for long-term suspension and/or expulsion.

No code may be expected to list each and every offense, which may result in the use of disciplinaryproceedings regarding a student. The above infractions, violations, penalties and procedures shall serveas a guide. However, this does not preclude the discretionary authority of an administrator to imposefurther penalties after consideration of the students’ overall disciplinary record and the severity of theinfraction. Likewise, flexibility will be used with regard to the developmental level of kindergarten throughsecond grade students who may not understand the seriousness of some behaviors.