Community Service

community service


8th graders will be going to Durham Rescue Mission on Monday, February 27th. Students should have signed permission slips to be able to attend the trip.

Poetry and Art Competition


poetry and art

Students are required to participate in the Poetry and Art competition. The guidelines are below. Submissions are due Monday and will be counted as a quiz grade.

THEME: The importance of promoting diversity, peace, and unity in today’s world.

 Poetry and Art Competition Entry Rules:

  1. One entry per student
  2. It must be student’s original work
  3. Author’s name and grade level should be at the back of the paper
  4. Spelling and Neatness count
  5. Work should reflect the theme
  6. Student should keep a copy before submitting, original entry will NOT be returned

ISF Essays


This week will be dedicated to working on our essays for ISF. Please bring all the research you have done so far in your other classes.

Reading Logs


All reading logs for the month of January are due on Wednesday. Make sure you have completed reading your book and answer 8 different questions on your reading log. All reading logs are worth a quiz grade.

School Choice Week!


Next week is School Choice Week. Students will have a pancake breakfast to celebrate! This effort is conducted by Sr. Melissa- and she needs help! Please contact her in the library if you are able to help with your time or with supplies! Thank you for all that you do!

Report Cards

report cards

Report Cards for the 2nd Quarter are being sent home on Friday.  Please review your child’s report card and sign the white envelope to be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher. If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher please email them to set up a conference.

2 day week

snow day

Welcome Back to a short week (thank you snow :) )

All classes will have MAP testing for Reading on both Thursday and Friday! Back to regular schedule next week!


hot choc

With the forecast calling for snow, it easy to end up getting bored indoors. This is a great opportunity to catch up with some reading. Make sure you have a good book and some hot chocolate this weekend as you enjoy the snowy weather :)