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Report Cards

Salam Aleykum ,Students 1st quarter grades will be given out this friday.Parents should look them over and see if the students need help in certain areas.Teachers will be working with you to make sure we help your child accomplish the goal they set out to get.

october :character:honesty.

Honesty is “being truthful in what I say and do.” Honesty is more than just accurately reporting facts. It includes what you say, and it also includes what you don’t say! For example, if your mom asks, “Did you eat the cookies?” you could accurately say “no” if you just ate one cookie. But that would be deceitful.

Honesty also includes your actions. For example, to cheat on a test is to pretend you know the answers when you really don’t. Or to steal candy from a store is to act like you paid for it when you really didn’t. Honesty means saying and doing what is true, not false.


  1. Tell the truth.
  2. Play by the rules.
  3. Not exaggerate the facts.
  4. Admit when I am wrong.
  5. Not take things that don’t belong to me.