Al-Iman School Mission and Vision Statement

Al-Iman School Mission and Vision Statement

Philosophy Statement

Al-Iman School shall be guided by the Qur’an (the Holy Book) and the Sunnah (traditions of

the Prophet Muhammad) according to the methodology of the People of Sunnah and

Jama’ah (the Rightly Guided Predecessors).

Mission Statement

Al-Iman School shall, provide an Islamic environment that offers quality education and

leadership skills to develop global awareness and 21st Century skills.

Vision Statement

In order to achieve its mission Al-Iman School shall:

 Provide an Islamic and professional learning environment by integrating Islamic

Teaching into the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

 Foster Islamic Character by implementing a Character Education Curriculum in

partnership with all stakeholders (school board, staff and faculty, parents, and


 Maintain its status of a recognized private school as outlined within the General

Statues of the State of North Carolina.