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This Week Nov 14 – 18, 2016

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As Salamu Alaikum Dear Al-Iman Parents,


Day 9 – Identify topic and sub-topics (CL) 11/14/2016

  1. CW/HW: Research and gather information (1001 Inventions text)
  2. CW: WAC journal (Ask questions about your topic)
  3. CW/HW: Prewrite paragraph: Identify three main ideas of your topic

Day 10 – Work on main body of your essay11/15/2016

  1. CW/HW: Research and gather information
  2. CW/HW: Identify supporting sentences for each main idea
  3. CW/HW: Number supporting sentence in logical sequence
  4. CW/HW: Form topic sentence and supportive sentences

Day 11 – Work on Introduction and conclusion11/16/2016

  1. CW/HW: Write sentence for three main ideas
  2. CW/HW: Identify thesis statement genre
  3. CW/HW: Prepare attention grabber for introduction
  4. CW/HW: Prepare conclusion

Day 12 – Work on essay rough draft 11/17/2016

Day 13 – Peer essay editing and Peer essay evaluation11/18/2016

  1. CW/CL: Indent, Spelling, and punctuation (Rubric)
  2. CW/CL: Essay Format and structure
  3. CW/CL: Essay Organization