Pre-K 4 new policies

Pre-K4 news

Alsalam Alaikum dear parents,

The school’s admin decided the following:

1- Starting Monday October19, 2015 drop off and pick up for pre-k students will be at the pre-k4

  front door. No parent is allowed in the class room. If any parent needs to talk to the teacher

     he/she has to request a conference.

2- No parent or sibling is allowed to ride in the school bus.

3- If a parent wants to volunteer in the class room to read a story or help with paper work, the

parent needs to inform the teachers one day before they come. Also the parent needs to check

 in the front office before they come to the classroom.

4- Next week our class will start using class dojo online . we will send the access code to all

 parents .

5- The class info and communication between the teachers and the parents will be through the

parents bulletin board(located at the entrance of the class room, email, class website,  class dojo

massage, and request a conference.

Thank you for cooperating in applying  your child ‘s school policies.


Pre-K4 Team

October 21,2015