Students are expected to be in full uniform on the first day of school. Please see dress code specifications for uniform details.

  1. Unique Uniform & Apparel – This is our main vendor and most affordable vendor. They are the only vendor to sell the elementary plaid jumper in the v-neck plaid style.
  2. Educational Outfitters – They are local to our area, at 1331 Buck Jones Rd., in Raleigh. Among other things, they are the only company to offer the elementary plaid jumper in the closed front style.
  3. Land’s End – They will be selling among other things the elementary red polo dress. Find our school using the school number: 900169269 or the school name. You may also visit your local Sears store to place an order.
  4. East Essence – This is a vendor for Thobes and Jilbaabs. Orders can be placed online.

Below you will see pictures of what you child (ren) should wear. These pictures show the minimum they need to wear. For example, the KG-2nd grade girls show a short sleeve shirt. They may choose to wear long sleeve shirt or a jumper over their shirt.

If you have any questions, you can text Sr. Barbara at 919-225-7336, or call the school administration at 919-821-1699 or send an email to

Detailed Uniform Specifications can be found here and viewed below as well:

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