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  • All Grades: Science EOC  Thursday May 11th.
  • Study Guide for EOC will be sent home on Monday May 1st.

                                    Science Test

  • 7A      Wednesday   18th     Plant and animal cell/  Cell organelles and functions
  • 7B       Tuesday  17th            Plant and animal cel l/  Cell organelles and functions
  • 6A      Thursday 19th           Earths Surface
  • 6B     Wednesday  18th        Earths Surface

             Monday January 9th Snow Day assignment

All classes please research 3 science related  facts for your ISF topic.


                Science fair presentations

  • Monday December 19th: 6th  & 7th Grade
  • Tuesday December 20th: 8th grade

Science Fair display Board due Friday Dec 16th.

Please check the science fair  link for display board sample.

Science Test

  • 6A/B  Friday Nov 18th Sun, moon and Earth in space. Study guide will be sent home. 
  • 7A/B  Thursday Nov 17th. 4 Human body systems.

Science Test

  • 6A: Tuesday Oct 11th
  • 6B: Monday Oct 10th
  • 7A / 7B: Tuesday Oct 11th
  • 8A / 8B: Wednesday Oct 5th.

First Quarter Interim were sent home Friday, please sign and return the envelope.

If you have any concerns about your child’s scores please schedule a conference  with the teacher.




                               Grading                                                      Picture1                                                                     

                      Test/Project           35%
                      Class work              25%                           
                      Quizzes                    20%            
                      Lab                           10%
                      Homework             10%
Helpful websites                                                      Picture2        
Study Island    
Khan Academy
Cells alive          
Science fair     



                                           Topics covered – middle school science

Grade 6                                         Grade 7                                                  Grade 8                                               
Energy                                   Motion & Forces                              Matter/ Periodic Table
Solar System                        Simple Machines                             Hydrosphere
Earth Surface                        Body Systems                                Ecosystem
Volcano                                Cells                                                         Evolution
Flower                                   Genetics                                             Diseases
Ecosystem                           Atmosphere                                         Biotechnology
Matter                                                                                                    Energy

Al-Iman School Science Fair    2015 – 2016

Display Board due: Monday December 14th.      


Science Fair

Display boards due in class on Monday December 14th. 

Science Fair Timeline

To make the process easy, the necessary steps for completing the project will be broken down weekly, and reflected in your Science Grade.It will be graded for a final grade as well as being graded for steps along the way.



Parent signature



Parent letter/timeline signed and returned

Nov 13th



Choose a topic. Be sure it interests you.

Do not change your topic later

Nov 16th


Purpose/Question: State your purpose as a question or a statement.


Nov 16th



Hypothesis: Form a hypothesis. After doing the experiment, it may turn out that your guess was wrong. It’s okay if this happens.

Nov 18th  



Materials: List all materials that will be used in your experiment.

Nov 23rd



Procedures: Written in proper step by-step numbered format.  

Nov 25th



Work in progress: Type and print out the Question, hypothesis, materials and procedure for the display board.

Nov 30th



Data/results: Bring your data and log book to class.

Dec 7th



Analyzing data and making conclusion: This should be in paragraph form.

Dec 10th




           Display board due Monday December 14th.



Total Score



In class presentations Tuesday, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th

Dec 15th, 16th and 17th



Display at gym Friday December 18th.

Dec 18th


 Open House on August 16th, 2015 between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.


Reflection For year 2014- 15

Alhamdulillah!! Another productive year comes to an end. We had some good days and some not so great. Some days we accomplished a lot, and some days we did the minimal work needed for the day.

Overall my goal for this year was to provide an environment that promotes student’s thinking, honesty, curiosity, questioning and allow supervised exploration. That means that all students were hopefully going to gain some knowledge during the year. All students achieved the goal set for them; each improved their knowledge of science. My data shows that all student scores improved from the pre-test to the post-test. All students improved at least by two- three points. Each question was based on a standard and therefore students likely gained more knowledge on the standards through this year.

My main strengths through this year were that I used a variety of methods and techniques to present the material to the students. I tried to use as many outlets to teach the material as possible. I used visual aids, hands on, and student connection to the topic. I also tried to make the material as relevant as possible to students.

  • The major achievement for this year was our students participating in regional science fair at Durham.And our 7th grader Imaan Siddiqi winning first place at regional science fair.
  • Induction for our new NJHS members, Yasmin Boufedji our president of NJHS did a wonderful job of planning and making it a great success.
  • Visiting Raleigh rescue mission and donating food and other materials to the needy.The students got to see the condition of people/children living there and reflecting on all the the luxuries Allah (SWT) has blessed them with.

Alhamdulillah, for another great year.

Expectations For 2015- 16.

To keep the classroom running smooth and safe we have some expectations form our students.

  1. Walk in the classroom quietly
  2. Come prepared. (HW, Pen, notebook)
  3. Listen when the teacher is speaking.
  4. Follow directions.
  5. Be respectful to your teacher, students and school property.
  6. Be safe.

Middle School Summer Resources:

Have a Blessed summer!! If you are tired of summer break and have nothing to do during hot summer days please check out these interesting websites. : Online interactive website for chemistry, physics, life and Earth Sciences.This will offer something for everyone. : Very interesting interactive site about cells.Definitely check this out. : read the lessons and redo the assignments from previous grade. This is the best site to help you with the EOG’s and EOC’s.Please do not work on the assignments from the current grade you will  be in 2015 – 16.


Middle School Science EOC is on Tuesday May 12th.

Homework for snow days.All assignments are due the day you are back to school.

6th grade Web-quest food chain and webs on Google classroom

7th Grade Study for science test. Study guide on Google classroom

8th Grade assignment on study island and study guide for test on chapter 3 is on Google classroom.


Science fair…..

Display boards due in class on Monday, Dec 15th.

Students should start printing and arranging the display board.

Thanks to all the parents for helping and encouraging your child with the project. JazakAllahiKhairan.

 Tests for the month of December

As the students are working on science fair at home I am trying to prepare them for the test in class.Each class will be given 2 – 3 class periods to study for test in school.

8th Grade Wednesday Dec 10th, hydrosphere and ecosystems.Study guide will be sent home on Dec 4th.

7th Grade  Friday December 19th cells/kingdoms.Study guide will be sent home Monday.

6th Grade Tuesday 16th Earths Surface. Study Guide will be sent home Monday Dec 8th.


Tests for the month of October/November.

6th Grade Monday November 3rd  , Solar system.Study guide will be sent home on Wednesday October 29.

7th Grade Tuesday,  Nov 11th “Human body systems” .

Science Fair topic due Nov 3rd for all of the middle school.


7th Grade Wednesday October 8th, Work/Power/Energy.Study guide and Study Island are  the best tools to study for this test.”Energy resources” and “energy transfer and transformation”

8th Grade Thursday October 9th, Physical and chemical changes/ Law of conservation of mass.Study Island and Eog Coach book are the best tools to study for this test.


Tests for the month of September.

6th Grade Monday September 15th, Waves, Light, and Sound.

7th Grade Monday September 15th, Motion, Forces, and  Newtons Laws.

8th Grade Tuesday September 16th, Matter/periodic table.

Open House on August 17th, 2014 between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

Click on Sr Saba 2014-5 Evaluation












Grade 7

Motion and forces

Simple Machine

Human body System