Student Accomplishments

Alhamdulillah Al-Iman School students have done very well in statewide competitions for science. Here is a summary of how Al-Iman School students have fared in regional competitions:

1st Place 

2005 (Sarah Al-Najjar/Gabby Burnett), 2008 (Husna Nasruddin), 2011 (Na’ilah Muhammad), 2013 (Tasneem Essader) 2014  (Iman Siddiq),

2015 (Iman Siddiq)

2nd Place 

2007 (Safah Mahate), 2012 (Mafaaz White), 2013 (Mafaaz White)

3rd Place 

2007 (Gabby Burnett), 2008 (Nayeem Hossain), 2009 (Mohammed Lansari), 2011 (Ahmet Hatip)

Honorable Mention 

2006 (Safah Mahate)

Al-Iman School has had 7 projects compete at the state level and this year, 2013, we had a student (Mafaaz White) finish in first place for the entire state!

Additionally, Al-Iman School students have done very well in their science high school classes earning high marks in their honor and advanced placement classes.

All this is from Allah and I can not praise Allah enough.