Standards for 6-8 grades

This document is designed to help North Carolina educators teach the Essential Standards (Standard Course of Study).Students will be learning theses standards over the school year.

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade






























Here is the break down as to the percentage of questions students will have on the science EOG from each unit of study:

Unifying Concept Grade 8

Matter: Properties and Change 14–16%

Energy Conservation and Transfer 10–12%

Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes 13–15%

Earth History 11–13%

Structure and Function of Living Organisms 19–23%

Ecosystems 9–11%

Evolution and Genetics 11–13%

Molecular Biology 8–10%

Total 100%

Student Periodic Table: Students will receive an exact copy of this to use on the EOG


Released form of the 2012 8th Science EOG:


Released Form E from 2009 (the answer key is one of the last pages in this document)


Sample Test Items


Review Questions


Vocabulary Review


Vocabulary Review Answer Key