6th Grade

I will Insh’Allah be updating / posting our schedule and home work weekly. I encourage you to look in your child’s science folder/agenda for any changes  in home work depending on the pace of our class.

Waves notes


         Week of May 22nd – May 26th

  • Review 6th grade /Preview of 7th grade.



Week of May 16th – May 19th

  • Review 
  • MAP Test on Wednesday 17th


                      Week of May 8th – May 12th

  • Mixtures
  • H.W:  Study for Science EOC on Thursday May 11th.
  • Study Guide for science EOC was sent home Monday May 1st  please make sure your child studies for the EOC.



               Week of May 1st – May 5th

  • Physical and chemical properties and changes
  • H.W:  Study for Science EOC on Thursday May 11th.
  • Study Guide for science EOC will be sent home Monday May 1st  please make sure your child studies for the EOC.


               Week of Apr 24th – Apr 28th


          Week of Apr 17th – Apr 21st

  • Relationships in an ecosystem (symbiosis)
  • H.W: will be assigned on study Island Due Monday 24th


            Week of Apr 3rd – Apr 7th

  • Ecology/ Food chains and web
  • H.W: No Homework


            Week of Mar 27th – March 31st

  • Ecology
  • H.W: study Island assignment Plants 
  • Please read the lesson and answer 15 questions/get 70% or higher, due Friday March 31st.



    Week of Mar 20th – March 24th

  • The 6 Biomes.
  • Study Guide sent home / Soil, plants,  and flower.
  • Test moved to Monday March 20th



              Week of Mar 14th – March 17th

  • Cellular respiration
  • Study Guide/ Soil, plants,  and flower.
  • Test on Friday March 17th/ No Homework

                  Week of Mar 6th – March 10th


               Week of Feb 27th – March 3rd

  • Structure and functions of flower
  • H.W: Study for quiz on Parts of plants/Tropism. Quiz on Wednesday March 1st


                Week of Feb 20th – 24th 

  • Soil: Soil Profile.
  • H.W: worksheet, due Monday 27th.


                  Week of Jan 30th – 3rd

  • Earths surface: Rock Cycle.
  • H.W: worksheet, due Monday 6th.


                  Week of Jan 20th – 27th

  • Earths surface: Types of Rocks
  • H.W: worksheet, due Monday 30th.


                 Week of Jan 17th – 20th

  • Earths surface: Minerals and Rocks
  • H.W: Research 5 science related facts for ISF, due Friday 20th.
  • 6A/6B Test on 19th & 18 on Earths Surface



                   Week of Jan 9th – 13th

  • Earths surface: Faults and Folds
  • H.W: Research 3 science related facts for ISF, due Friday 13th.


                Week of Dec 19 – 21st

            Science fair presentations

  • Monday December 19th: 6th Grade


                     Week of Dec 12th – 16th

  • Earths surface: Plate boundaries
  • Science fair display board due Friday Dec 16th.


                  Week of Dec 5th – 9th

  • Earths surface: Pangaea/Continental Drift
  • Homework: work on your science fair.


                         Week of Nov 21st – 23rd

  • Earths surface: Layers of earth Crust Mantle and Core
  • Homework: work on your science fair.


                Week of Nov 14th – 18th

  • Students will work on study guide and will be studying for test.
  • Study guide will be sent home this week. We will take a test on Earth moon and sun systems on Friday Nov 18th InshAllah.



        Week of Nov 7th – 11th

Solar and Lunar Eclipse

Study guide will be sent home this week. We will take a test on Earth moon and sun systems next week InshAllah.


            Week of  Oct 31st – Nov 4th.

What causes seasons?/ Moon phases.

Worksheet will be sent home it is due Monday Nov 6th.


                   Week of October 25 – 28

What causes Days and night & Reasons for seasons.


                     Week of October 17 – 21

Planets of our solar system.

Homework: Worksheet on solar system will be sent home this week. It is due on Monday Oct 24th.


                           Week of October 10 – 14

  Science Test

6A Test on Tuesday Oct 11th. 6B Test on Monday Oct 10th.

We will start learning about Space Science.

Homework: Assigned on Study Island ,   ” Electromagnetic Spectrum” Please read the lesson and answer 15 questions It is due Monday Oct 17th.


                                Week of October 3 – 7

Renewable and non renewable energy resources. Advantages/disadvantages

Homework: Study Guide will be sent home. Students will take test on Monday Oct 10th.Homework is to study for test.


                               Week of September 26- 30

Thermal energy: Heat transfer.

Homework: Worksheet  on thermal energy will be sent home this week which is due Monday Oct 3rd.


                             Week of September 19 – 23

Light waves: How are light waves and properties of light.

Homework: Worksheet  on light will be sent home this week which is due Monday 26th.


                                   Week of September 15 – 16

Sound waves: How is sound produced and sound waves.

Homework: Worksheet  on waves will be sent home this week which is due Monday 19th.


                                             Week of September 6 – 9

Students will be taking MAP test. No homework will be assigned this week.

We are learning about mechanical and Transverse waves.
































































































 Nov 23rd – Nov 25th, 2015.

  • Monday – 23rd Eclipse and Tides worksheet/Poster. H.W: List of materials and procedures due this week.
  • Wednesday – 25th Poster Presentations H.W. Science Fair, Type and print question/hypothesis/materials/procedure and bring it to school safely to be graded on Monday Nov 30th.



 Test on Tuesday Nov 17th Solar System  

                      Nov 16th – Nov 20th, 2015.

  • Tuesday – 17th Test on solar system. H.W. Work on Science fair
  • Wednesday – 18th   Eclipse cont. H.W. Work on Science fair
  • Friday – 20th Eclipse cont.   H.W. Work on Science fair


                     Nov 9th – Nov 13th, 2015.

  •  Monday – 9th  Tides  H.W. Worksheet tides due Tuesday
  • Tuesday – 10th  Solar/ Lunar Eclipse H.W. Study guide for test on Wed Nov 18th.
  • Thursday – 12th      Study guide for test. H.W. Study for test Wednesday Nov 18th.
  • Friday – 13th Study Guide Test on Solar system. H.W. Study for test Tuesday Nov 17th.

                          Nov 2nd – Nov 6th, 2015.

  • Monday – 2nd   Moon phases H.W:  No H.W.
  • Wednesday- 4th   Quiz on Moon phases. H.W: Worksheet on moon phases due Thursday Nov 5th
  • Thursday-5th     Moon phases Lab. H.W:  No H.W.


                                       Oct 27th – Oct 30th, 2015.

  • Tuesday – 27th Moon Phases. H.W. No H.W.
  • Wednesday- 28th   Moon Phases cont. H.W. worksheet on moon phases due Friday.
  • Friday-30th    Moon Phases cont. H.W. assigned on study island “Earth in the solar system and space exploration”, 15 questions/70% or more, due Monday.


                               Oct 19th – Oct 23rd, 2015.

  • Monday-19th Earth’s Rotation day and night. H.W. No HW
  • Wednesday- 21st Earths Revolution/Seasons. H.W. Worksheet on seasons due Thursday
  • Thursday-22nd    Seasons cont. H.W. Worksheet due Friday.


                          Oct 12th – Oct 16th, 2015.

  • Tuesday – 13th Planets/Space rocks. H.W. No HW
  • Wednesday- 14th   Earth Sustains life/Space exploration. H.W: Summarize why Earth is the only planet that sustains life.
  • Friday – 16th Earths Rotations. H.W. Worksheet on Causes of days and night due Monday Oct 19th.

                                                                                                       Oct  5th  -  Oct 9th , 2015.

  • Monday-5th  Solar System. H.W.No HW
  • Tuesday – 6th Planets and Asteroids cont.H.W. Worksheet due Thursday
  • Thursday-8th   Rotation. H.W. Worksheet due Friday.
  • Friday – 9th   Revolution. H.W. Assigned on study island due Monday Oct 12th.

Sept  28th  -  Oct  2nd , 2015.

  • Monday-28th  Energy Kinetic and Potential. H.W.Study for quiz on Energy and Heat Thursday Oct 1st.
  • Wednesday – 30th Energy Transformation.H.W. Assigned on study Island ” Energy Transfer”, Due Monday Oct 5th.
  • Thursday-1st   Quiz Energy and Heat. H.W. Assigned on study Island ” Energy Transfer”, Due Monday Oct 5th.


Important Information Test on Monday Sept 14th. Study guide will be sent home on Tuesday and is due on the day of test.

Sept 21st  -  Sept 25th , 2015.

  • Monday Sept 21 – Chapter review HW. No HW Eid Break.
  • Sept 22 – Sept 25 Eid Break

Sept 14th  -  Sept 18th , 2015.

  • Monday 14th – Test on Energy : Waves sound and light. H.W. No H.W
  • Wednesday – 16th   Thermal energy H.W.Study Island Lesson Wave Behavior.15 questions in a row 70% or more due Thursday 17th
  • Thursday -17th Thermal energy cont..H.W. No HW Eid Break.

Sept 8th  -  Sept 11th , 2015.

  • Tuesday – 8th   Transparent/translucent/opaque. H.W.Study questions 1 -10 from study guide.
  • Wednesday – 9th Reflection/Absorption/refraction.H.W. Study questions 11 -20 from study guide.
  • Friday – 11th   Review/Study Guide. H.W. Study for test on Monday Sept 14th.

August 31st  -  Sept 4th , 2015.

  • Monday-31st   Parts of ear. H.W.Study for quiz on Thursday
  • Wednesday – 2nd Light.H.W. Study for quiz on Thursday
  • Thursday-3rd   Quiz on parts of waves/Light cont. H.W. Pre-Test on study island due Tuesday (30 questions).

August 24th  -  Aug 28th , 2015.

  • Tuesday-25th   Energy/Waves. H.W. worksheet due Wednesday 26th
  • Wednesday 26th Parts of transverse waves.H.W. worksheet due Thursday 27th.
  • Friday-28th   Parts of longitudinal waves. H.W. due Monday 31st.

August 17th  -  Aug  21st , 2015.

This is the schedule and HW for the first week  (17 – 21st) of school Insh Allah.

  • Monday-17th   First day activities /homeroom procedures. H.W. Fill out the forms if any.
  • Tuesday-18th   Classroom rules/Expectations. H.W.Parents please read and sign the classroom rules and procedures.
  • Thursday-20th Scientific method lab. H.W. Vocabulary words due Friday 21st
  • Friday-21st  Diagnostic test. H.W. No H.W enjoy your weekend.

Vocabulary words for week of Aug 17 -21  (you will be quizzed on these words).

Scientific method
Independent Variable
Dependent Variable