Student Council


Al-Iman’s Student Council is off to a great start. Class representatives as well as the president, vice president, treasurer and historian have been chosen for their respective positions. The first Student Council meeting will take place every Wednesday during lunch in the social studies classroom.

Al-Iman Student Council 2016-17

  • President: Mustafa (8A)
  • Vice President: Dalia Q. (8A)
  • Treasurer: Huda (7A)
  • Historian: Dania Y. (8B)

Class Representatives

  • 6A: Yusra A.
  • 6B: Abdurahman B.
  • 7A: Aishia A.
  • 7B: Mariam L.
  • 8A: Muhammad D.
  • 8B: Malaak M.