ISF 2016-17

Middle School’s Integrated Subject Fair (ISF) Projects are kicking off on Monday November, 14.

Below are links to PDFs of the documents related to and explaining the project.

  • ISF Letter: Introducing the concept and purpose of the projects and fair.
  • ISF Topics- Approval Sheet: The paper students need to bring to each of their teachers to approve the student’s topic choice. (Please make sure to ignore the list of topics at the bottom of this document. It is not the updated list.)
  • ISF Topics- Approved List: The 2016-17 approved list of topics for students to choose from.
  • ISF Timeline: The tentative timeline for each benchmark students must meet, throughout the year, as they develop their ISF projects.
  • ISF PwrPnt Guidelines: The guidelines for such judges will be grading each of the student’s ISF project power points.