Dear parents;

I am teaching your child the Holly Quran this year for 30 minutes every single day.

The lesson is divided into three parts.

  1.  First 10 minutes for review and memorization.
  2. Second 10 minutes for the meaning of the short suras of juzz Amaa.
  3. Third 10 minutes for reading from Alkayda Alnoraniya Book to help your child read quran.Working together will be fruitful if you help your child to memorize and review at home every day.Every day student memorizes one Aya.The next day I will review it with them and  I will add one more new Aya.If your child has memorized the assigned sura before .In class I will ask student to recite the memorized sura and will be graded on that.Please help your child at home every day to read from alkayda alnoraniya book  every two days one line.To help your child to memorize at home ,you can use(,If you have any question please call me or email me at
  4. Studentswill memorize the short suras start with  Surat AlFatiha,Alfalaq,Alnas.Alikhl till surat Alfeel by the end of the year inshALLAH 5. 5. Reading Arabic letters in order and out of order.