For Middle School Students ONLY
Please follow the following directions in order to access your child’s/children’s grades:

Step# 1 Go to :

Step # 2 Enter site number: 101849

Step # 3 Enter your username and password

Step # 4 Click on Login

Step # 5 Click on individual subject for details

Step #6 Click on the plus sign (+) beside Qtr. 1

Step # 7 To email teachers: click on the teacher’s email address

Teachers will be updating grades weekly.  Parents now have access to behavior information online.  Students have their own password to access homework and assignment information.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns/difficulties accessing “Headmaster.” Insha’Allah, we hope this new service will help enhance our Parent-Teacher Communication to help our students achieve academic success.

If you have any questions or have lost your user name or password please contact the front office.

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